Rusty and Naomi K.

We recently sold our farm north of Amarillo and relocated to central Texas on a 1031 exchange. Jason Garst was our realtor for the property we bought near Hico, Texas. All that goes with moving that distance, using the 1031 exchange dealing with both the seller and the seller’s realtor made for a trying time, but most of the stress was alleviated because of Jason’s expertise.

Jason guided us through the contract and explained things well and answered all of our questions promptly. He always checked things out when he did not know the information off hand and got back with us quickly. Because the property we bought did not have a survey he urged us to consider paragraph 3D and that turned out to be in our favor. We appreciate Jason’s technological knowledge, because that sped up the process considerably. Also, he was very professional dealing with the people involved and picked up the slack when the seller’s realtor went on vacation.

All in all, Jason made things go as smoothly as possible despite the distance involved. We would definitely refer him. He did an excellent job.